My name is Jason Hathorn. This blog is about horse racing from my perspective as an owner, enthusiast and punter. Some of the research pieces I post will be accompanied by excerpts of code written in the statistical package R.

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  1. Dear Mr. Hathorn,

    I wonder if you had used your statistical analyses to examine winning race times in handicaps. I do not have access to your level of analysis, but a rough analysis suggests that they do not follow a normal distribution, but are skewed to the left of the mean (cf. greyhound racing times, which follow a normal distribution). I value your comments

    Patrick Surtees

    • Dear Patrick,
      Sorry, I missed this from ages ago!
      Yes, horse race times are negatively skewed. If you google race/standard times/Timeform you should find some articles on race times where this phenomenon is discussed.

  2. Hi Jason I have searched and searched the net to find out the average wining distance between 1st and 2nd like how times is the race under a length under two lenths ect. I found ur post with data 1st 2nd third. Where did you get this?.Is there data for distance from 1st to 2nd. If you can help or point me in right direction I would be unbelievably thankful.

    Kind regards

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